Who we are

ExoXpert is a subsidiary of EXO Biologics,
a leading biotech which develops affordable and accessible exosome therapy for patients with unmet medical needs

ExoXpert is an exosome specialized CDMO providing development and manufacturing capabilities to exosome product developers. At ExoXpert, we believe that we should work together to make exosomes an industrial reality. We have developed a production platform which we are now making accessible to clients. We truly believe in the potential of exosomes as therapeutics and also as vehicles for drug administration.

Our History

The genesis

In 2023, Exo Biologics, our mother company, developed ExoPulse, a state of the art manufacturing platform allowing GMP production, purification and characterisation of exosomes. EXOB-001 (Exo Biologics’ lead candidate) was produced using ExoPulse, and was approved for a phase I clinical trial in Europe, which makes it the first exosome product from MSCs to be authorized in Europe.

Exo Biologics created ExoXpert in 2024 as the first GMP CDMO specialized in exosomes with a clinical track record in Europe.

ExoXpert is offering to develop GMP capacity tailored to your needs and the Exopulse platform to facilitate the development of your GMP compliant product.

With ExoPulse, you can use our platform, which can be adapted to your cell types and plan for clinical trials.


First observation of exosomes


Exosome roles in intracellular communications


Creation of EXO Biologics


First exosome study approved by EMA


Creation of ExoXpert