ExoXpert Announces Agreement with Neucore Bio to Evaluate Advanced Exosome Loading

Liege, Belgium, April 17, 2024 ExoXpert®, a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) specializing in exosome production and a subsidiary of Exo Biologics, today announces a strategic partnership with Neucore Bio, a next-generation, non-viral engineered delivery technology company to leverage ExoXpert’s platform for evaluation of advanced exosome loading.

Under the agreement, ExoXpert will leverage its ExoPulse® platform to test and optimize efficient loading of proprietary payloads into exosomes as part of Neucore’s Fibroblast EV Engineering (FiXE®) discovery platform. ExoPulse is ExoXpert’s cutting-edge exosome-based therapeutic platform, currently used in clinical trials. It has been specifically designed to facilitate the production and loading of exosomes.

Neucore Bio selected ExoXpert based on its distinct expertise in manufacturing leadership with exosomes. ExoXpert is the only CDMO specializing in exosomes with a GMP manufacturing platform that has been clinically operational. This partnership will enable greater clarity on maximizing the therapeutic effect of Neucore’s FiXE platform as it advances clinical development.

“This collaboration is an important step in the loading validation and application of our FiXE platform using advanced, non-viral exosomes for therapeutic delivery,” said Kenneth Morand, PhD, CEO, Neucore Bio. “We believe ExoXpert’s demonstrated exosome experience with its ExoPulse platform will enable a highly efficient and collaborative process to answer this critical question in our scientific strategy.”

“EXO Biologics recently created ExoXpert as an exosome CDMO to meet the demand for specialized GMP grade exosome manufacturing services internationally. As a therapeutic exosome developer, this was something EXO Biologics needed, but we also realized the international market needed this as well,” said Hugues Wallemacq, CEO,  ExoXpert and EXO Biologics. “ExoXpert has started working with a significant number of international cell and gene therapy developers that need a combination of exosome manufacturing and knowledge to develop new products for the benefit of patients. Partnering with Neucore will enable ExoXpert to further extend ExoXpert’s expertise in loading exosomes to Neucore’s FiXE platform.”

About Neucore Bio

NeuCore Bio is pioneering non-viral, engineered delivery technologies to unlock next-generation precision cell targeting for therapeutic diseases with known genetic drivers.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, the team is harnessing the power of exosomes as novel delivery platforms to enable targeted, non-viral delivery beyond what’s possible with viral delivery approaches today. Our goal? To realize the full potential of genetic-based medicine and dramatically reshape the future of patient care.

About ExoXpert

ExoXpert is an exosome specialized CDMO based in Belgium and providing development and manufacturing capabilities. ExoXpert is a subsidiary of Exo Biologics, the first company to have ever been authorized to start clinical phase I/II in EU with MSC-exosomes thanks to the ExoPulse manufacturing platform. ExoXpert is making the GMP approved ExoPulse platform accessible to everyone in order to fast track exosome process development and clinical access.

About EXO Biologics

EXO Biologics is a clinical-stage Belgian biotechnology company specializing in the development of biopharmaceuticals using exosomes to treat rare diseases with unmet medical needs. Partnering with leading academic researchers, EXO Biologics is ideally placed to set the stage for future nanomedicines. The Company’s development strategy focuses on novel drug candidates for therapeutic applications in respiratory diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, neurology, and oncology. EXO Biologics’ lead candidate EXOB-001 is in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial targeting Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) in preterm newborns.

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